5 ways to engage your staff during summer

5 ways to engage your staff during summer

Now that summer is on the doorstep social media is rife with your employees’ friends having fun during summer, sitting at the beach basking in the sunshine while your team is basking in the flickering glow of your offices fluorescent lights!

Some employers are able to offer a full suite of flexibility and initiatives to keep their employees engaged during the summer months, not every employer is able to or maybe you just don’t know how.

Here are 4 ways to keep your employees engaged through the summer months:

  1. Make rotas more flexible

During summer there is an increase in employees calling in sick, for the most part this is due to real health reasons but for some it’s to simply enjoy a beautiful summer day with family and friend. Here are options for flexible working:

  • Offer reduced hours on a particular day say Friday
  • Allow more options for shift swap
  • Enable access to remote working
  •  Close the office a bit earlier
  1. Summer team fun

A great way to get your employees to enjoy summer and engage and connect with their colleagues is to set up and sponsor sports teams or other activities. There are a whole host of choices here in Gibraltar.

  1.  Outside work

If you have space for an outside break area great! If not, get your teams to hold meetings outside; there is a beautiful park and plenty of bars and restaurants with outside seating.

  1. Encourage employee fitness

Summer brings the feel goof factor and engages – most – people to become more healthy and increase their fitness. You couls:

  • Incentivise outside activity
  • Offer a summer gym membership
  • Sponsor employees who take part in charity runs etc
  1. Make sure employees take their holidays

There are always employees who do not want to take the holiday leave, this could be down to their responsibilities, not being able to let go of the job or those who simply are workaholics. Remember, everyone is entitled to and deserves their holiday leave; it increases wellbeing and productivity of work on their return. Be sure to ensure all your employees take their leave.