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Employee Outsourcing

We know that your employees are the engine that drives your company. And we also know that Employee onboarding and payroll processing is one of the most under resourced overlooked functions as it generates no profit to the company. Outsourcing employees can free up time to pursue more important value-added and revenue-generating activities. So, why not let us take care of your employees?

More and more companies around the world are adopting Employee Outsourcing services to achieve greater organisational flexibility, improved efficiency and hassle-free payroll management.

Basically, we become the employer of record, but you remain the boss.

Grasp offers the following services as part of Employee Outsourcing:

  • Recruiting, hiring and outplacement of employees.
  • Completion of joining formalities, background checks and verifications.
  • Maintenance and administration of HR files.
  • Calculation of pay due to employees.
  • Appropriate calculation and withholding of social insurance contributions and income tax.
  • Processing of salaries and pay packages.
  • Holiday and sick pay as per law.
  • Income tax management for employees.
  • Employee lifecycle management including terminations.

*Other areas or functional activities other than those listed above can be outsourced as per client needs.

Some of the benefits of employee outsourcing are:

Quality Candidates

Faster Hiring

Complete Regulatory Compliance

Reduced Costs

Tax Compliance

Seamless Payroll

We are time-effective and cost-effective.

Now, put your worries aside and let us put the pieces together for you in a successful venture.

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