employee termination

1/2 day course

Having to dismiss an employee is never an easy task. Sometimes, despite attempts of open communication and encouraging performance, an employee will need to be terminated. One of the hardest aspects of preparing to dismiss an employee is to separate the emotions from the facts. Dismissing an employee should always be a last resort, so it is important that the manager has covered all other avenues possible before moving forward.

This workshop is designed to give you confidence in managing terminations in your workplace. You will gain legislative knowledge ensuring your terminations are conducted in the appropriate way.

Taking this course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle employee terminations effectively. You will learn how to navigate legal considerations, communicate termination decisions empathetically, provide emotional support to employees and ensure a smooth and respectful termination process. This training can help you mitigate potential legal risks, maintain positive employees relations and uphold a professional and compassionate approach during challenging situations.

  • Dismissal types, justifications and reasons
  • Gibraltar Employment Legislation
  • Termination Etiquette, preparation, and communication
  • Conducting an employment  termination
  • Exit Interviews

This course is for anyone who manages people and is responsible for terminating employee contracts or anyone looking to progress into an HR or Managerial role.

Introduction to HR

Introduction to Payroll

Recruitment and Selection

The course costs £150 per person.

You are able to book using the link on the right or alternatively by emailing training@grasp.gi to register your interest.