External Recruitment Benefits at a Glance

Posted by Angela Mohsen on June 22nd, 2019 in Training
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What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is the end-to-end process of effectively and efficiently sourcing,
screening, selecting, and appointing the best-suited candidate to the right role. This
entails not only filling in vacancies but also predicting talent requirements and
proactively managing talent.

Using effective recruitment can give you a competitive advantage. But there are
other benefits to external recruitment.

  1. Attract higher quality candidates – finding and identifying a fresher
    candidate who is capable of delivering new skills and inputs for the
    betterment of the company.
  2. Lesser internal politics – In the external recruitment process, there is a very
    less possibility that the candidate might face internal politics of existing
    candidates. And these lesser internal politics avoids a number of internal
    issues and requests of the existing employees of the company.
  3. New Ideas – having someone from the outside brings in new ideas and new
    ways of doing things
  4. A larger pool of candidates – when an organization recruits externally, it
    opens the organization up to a larger pool of applicants, which increases its
    chance of finding the right person for the job.
  5. Target the key players – Hiring a candidate with a proven track record from
    the competition allows the company to get an insider’s view as to what the
    competition is doing to be successful.
  6. Push current employee development – When you don’t do much external
    recruiting, internal employees may become complacent about growth and
    development. Knowing that promotions to higher-level positions require a
    commitment to personal growth and development can help light a fire under
    your current employees
    Even when a company has an ample supply of internal candidates, external
    recruiting naturally opens the door to many more talented people. When you add
    outside applicants to existing employees, you may receive a larger quantity of
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