Our six-stage approach

Graduate Services
The Grasp way

Our mission is to provide graduates the opportunity to gain exposure, experience and knowledge by offering graduate programmes in conjunction with local companies here in Gibraltar.

We design, create and support bespoke graduate programmes tailored to your company culture and needs. Empowering your business to acquire, develop, engage and retain talent.

Our graduate programme defines a specific learning pathway managing your graduates’ continuous professional development. The learning pathway is identified throughout all departments of your business and offers a bespoke programme per graduate. 

Our Six-Stage Approach


We create all of your marketing material and social media campaigns for you to attract the best graduates.


We promote your graduate programme over social media and job boards increasing your brand awareness positioning you as a graduate employer of choice in Gibraltar. 


Our graduate recruitment ensures only the most suitable graduates make the cut. Freeing up your resources and time.


We create and deliver an onsite induction alongside key stakeholders in your business. Your new graduates will align with your company culture, values and vision.


Our tailored learning pathway will amplify your graduates’ skills to improve your business performance. 


We offer bi-monthly coaching sessions for your graduates and your business and act as the single point of contact.



Grasp will design your full graduate programme including:

  • Marketing material and social media campaigns.
  • Learning pathway and identifying accredited training if applicable.
  • Create branded onboarding material


Our attraction campaign targets graduates for £1,000 per month using a range of social platforms, marketing techniques and Grasp’s established graduate pool.

Using your own design or Grasp design we will post and host your attraction campaign.


Our fixed fee solution of £1000 per graduate employed offers:

  • CV filtering and headhunting your ideal graduate.
  • Graduate profiling including assessment centres and preliminary interviews.
  • Interview scheduling.
  • Feedback, offers and regrets on your behalf.


Grasp onboarding ensures your graduates are fully aligned to your company culture, business objectives and to their graduate programme. 

We ensure all involved in your graduate programme are aligned, understand their responsibilities and are supported throughout your graduate programme.


Our learning pathway provides a solid training strategy for your graduate programme including:

  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • E-Learning
  • Action Learning
  • Profiling


We offer a full support service to you and  your graduates including:

  • Coaching sessions
  • 1-2-1 catch ups
  • Telephone and email support
  • We are here to support you.

Creating and supporting your graduate programme

Download our Graduate Services Brochure if you need more information