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The human resource department is an essential part of any business, but when then HR team don’t have the time, space or resources to tackle every aspect of their department, your entire business can suffer. Here are Grasp we offer comprehensive services and partial services so you can find the best fit for your business.

Grasp offers hands-on HR outsourcing to help your company handle any sort of HR task, from the simplest to the incredibly complex. Allowing your business to outsource a variety of tasks, including benefit administration, training, recruiting, hiring and payroll. These HR solutions are ideal for companies of all sizes that don’t have the resources to hire or expand an in-house HR staff, or if the current staff is buried in work and needs options for decreasing their workload.

Employee Relation Issues

Keeping the peace can be easy by creating fair and consistent treatment to all. Your HR strategy should make good use of your people to accomplish your goals and mission. Areas to consider are pay and benefits, work life balance and safe working environment. When did you last review these?


It’s not reward enough to get paid. We can help you formulate and implement strategies and policies that reward your employees fairly and consistently according to their value in the organisation.


Are your employees walking? Lets review your commitment to recruit, retain and develop your talented employees and attract top talent.

Corporate Strategy

An easy, efficient solution to help you manage your HR, compliance and employee relations issues.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

You have a responsibility to ensure no physical harm comes to your people while they are at work, and their safety is paramount. We recognise that employees’ resilience can also be affected by a wide variety of factors, from workload to stress in their personal lives. Our efforts to promote employee well-being focus on giving your people the support they need to build their energy levels and cope with stress.

Employer Brand

Your new recruits would they say that your recruitment process was super, quick and well informed or would they say it was long and tedious? Recruitment is the first impression potential employees get of your business let’s give them reason to apply.

Employment Law

A vast area concerning the legal rights of your employees and you as an employer. Have you considered the acts of employment laws protecting employees from discriminatory treatment, unfair labour practices, unsafe work conditions, and more?

HR Policies

It’s difficult to identify a comprehensive list of HR policies that employers should introduce since HR policy needs often vary widely between organisations… There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to designing effective HR policies; their content should be based on the unique needs and characteristics of the organisation and its workforce. Rather than following a ‘best practice’ approach which may be unsuitable for the diverse range of organisational contexts, a focus on why there’s a need for a particular policy, and how it’s aligned with the business strategy, allows an appropriate policy to be implemented for the particular context. HR practitioners need strong professional judgement to create policies that promote two-way relationships between their people and the organisation.

It can be helpful to consider the type of policies that may be relevant to the organisation during the course of the employment life cycle: beginning employment, during employment and leaving employment..

An organisation might have a distinct policy setting out its criteria for selection, together with other relevant policies for new joiners (such as induction). Other examples of policies in this area might be referral payment (for existing employees who recommend friends).


Policies might address areas such as how jobs are graded and how performance is rewarded; together with provisions for aspects of compensation packages, such as pensions/additional voluntary contributions and other benefits and allowances.

Learning and development
Issues that might be covered by policies in this area would include courses and secondment opportunities, talent development, payment of professional fees and so on.

Health, safety and well-being
Policies might cover a disparate range of topics from absence and employee assistance programmes to handling hazardous materials.

Employee relations and general HR issues
As well as disciplinary and grievance policies, examples include: time off and leave for trade union activities, holidays, secondment, volunteering, parental or caring duties (such as maternity or paternity leave), communication, involvement and other employee behaviors, including employee voice and harassment and bullying.

Other issues
Other policies that organisations may want to consider include diverse areas related to the wider business needs (for example corporate responsibility or anti-bribery measures) or those associated with emerging technology and new ways of working (the use of social networking sites, for instance).

There are many reasons why employment ceases, from voluntary resignation to dismissal, redundancy or retirement – some or all of which might be covered by formal written policies (for example, including information on the length of notice periods or the nature of redundancy consultation).

Equality and diversity runs through all aspects of an organisation’s policies. Discrimination on many personal characteristics, such as gender or race, is unlawful at all stages of the employment life cycle, while managing inclusion and valuing diversity is central to good people management and makes good business sense. Good practice suggests that an overarching equality and diversity policy should expressly inform the organisation’s vision and values. The issue might then also be incorporated into many other policies (for example, recruitment and selection and reward).

In some cases HR policies may need to extend beyond the organisation, for example in partnering arrangements such as joint ventures, outsourcing, strategic alliances or public-private sector commissioning models. It’s advisable to consider where common policies may need to be applied or reviewed in light of new organisational arrangements.

​We will write HR Policies based on your business for £100 per policy.

HR for SME and New Businesses

Whether you run an established Small Medium-sized enterprise or are starting a new business venture, we have the Human Resources package for try.

The HR for SME and New Business Package from Grasp will provide you with all of the HR documentation that your business needs – meaning that you can be confident of meeting your legal requirements as an employer.

Unlike an off-the-shelf HR service we will take the time to develop an understanding of your requirements, your key aims and goals. Through this consultation process we will be able to tailor a service that is appropriate for your business, giving you the guidance that you need to run a legally compliant operation.

The HR for SME & New Business Package includes:

  • Start-up policies and procedures, including disciplinary, grievance and absence management.
  • 5 policies of your choice and you are able to purchase additional policies if you wish i.e. IT, data protection, family friendly, bullying and harassment.
  • Contract documents, terms and conditions, offer letters and all ETB correspondances and documentation.
  • New employee documents, new starter forms, induction checklists, reference request templates and more.
  • Two hours of HR consultancy to use as and when you require.

The SME and New Business Package includes everything that you need to establish a HR system for your business – and all for the great price of just £595.00.

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Interim HR Support

If you have a HR Project that you don’t have the resource to manage, speak to us to arrange Interim HR Consultancy.

Whether you require a HR professional to cover periods of leave, to assist during peak workload times or to offer consistent on-site HR support during ad-hoc project delivery, we will ensure that you have the cover in place that you require.

Interim HR Support

We Support:

  • Focused project management and delivery
  • Cover during periods of absence such as long-term sick or maternity leave
  • Large-scale recruitment drives
  • Independent disciplinary process management
In addition to providing an on-site resource we will maintain full contact with our consultant whilst they are working with you, meaning that you not only get the benefit of an on-site HR expert but the full support of a leading outsourced HR consultancy.

Retained HR Services

All of the HR Support and Documentation you need in one smart package.

Our Retained HR Services package provides you with comprehensive HR support, all of the documents that you need, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is protected.

  • Unlimited expert consultancy
  • Case management documents covering disciplinary, absence, grievance and redundancy
  • Bespoke employee handbooks
  • Bespoke document templates
  • Newsletters and legal updates

Prices start from just £150 per month and vary depending upon company size.

For an additional 30% of the cost of the retainer you can add HR Administration to your Retained HR Services package, including:

  • Offer letters
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Compromise agreements
  • Exit interview paperwork
  • Resignation documents

Not quite what you are looking for? We also offer:

Advice-Only packages

Reserve a set number of consultancy hours, prices start from just £60 per month.

Ad-hoc HR Support

Hire our services when you need them at £25.00 per hour (or block book five hours for £100).

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