Letting go of the job while on holiday

Letting go of the job while on holiday

In our 24/7 accessible world Grasp Ltd identifies tips to letting go of your job and work responsibilities while on holiday supporting a healthy work-life balance. 

Holiday leave is an entitlement and is intended for the employee to relax, recuperate, unwind and stay away from work! Social media and mobile accessibility make it nearly impossible to let go of to do lists, outstanding tasks and keeping in touch with colleagues and clients.

Whichever level of employee you are here are tips to letting go of the job while you are on leave:

  1. Set aside a few days before your holiday to wrap up any projects, to dos and urgent tasks/emails, likewise set aside your first day back to getting on top of your workload and clearing your inbox.
  2. Hand over urgent to dos and outstanding tasks/projects to a colleague and have a colleague be your contact whilst you are away.  It will surprise you how your team will support you while you are away, just make sure you repay the kindness when they are on leave!
  3. Set up an out of office on your email with your leave dates and who to contact in your absence – clients, colleagues and others will all know that you will not be responding until your return.
  4. If you find it impossible to resist the urge to login and check up on your emails and social media why not have your IT support team reset your passwords until you return…then you will definitely not be able to give in. Remember holiday is about letting go, to recuperate and unwind and enjoy your family, friends or self, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  5. Remember getting off the plane and heading straight for the office will promote stress to return to work so try to give yourself a day or two back at home to unwind from the travel and sort your suitcase out!
  6. Final tip – mental focus – instead of focusing on the fact you are no longer on holiday be grateful for the time you had away. Gratitude creates joy and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

If letting go is not an option because you are expected to be available then maybe it is time to look for a new job where work-life balance is appreciated and encouraged check out our latest vacancies at www.grasp.gi/jobs or contact our Recruitment team on +35020047277 or recruitment@grasp.gi