New Restrictions in Gibraltar And Why Work From Home

Posted by Angela Francis on December 23rd, 2020 in Business
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As you have all probably heard there are Christmas restrictions implemented currently in Gibraltar, due to a high increase in testing and a rapid growth in cases. With Monday’s announcements, here is a breakdown of what is implemented.

  • Masks worn in every public place.
  • All catering establishments closed till Monday 11th January (exceptions for takeaway and delivery services)
  • Masks in retail, controls on numbers in shops
  • All sports and gyms cancelled
  • Only three households to mix on Christmas
  • Over 70’s should act as if locked down, stay at home!
  • All in-person worship cancelled
  • Schools not open until 11th January with a possibility of longer closure
  • Work remotely as of TODAY
  • Everyone stay home over Christmas break
  • No parties work places
  • Requirements from London, take COVID tests 3 days earlier.
  • No restrictions to travel to Spain but reinforced controls at the frontier due to UK links
  • Young people urged not to go to Spain
  • GHA major incidents only
  • All GHA staff leave cancelled
  • ERS visits closed unless end of life issues

From this breakdown, we encourage any workers to work from home and for our temp staff to be safe and have COVID tests regularly. If you feel sick please report to us, we take your health and safety as a priority!

Our team has been working from Home since November to encourage the safety of our employees, and we have found that there are benefits to working from home. For me personally, I find the morning commute to work a little stressful and sometimes unachievable with the amount of things I have to do in the morning. I also find that I work much more with less distractions as I am mostly alone at home, with the best company – my fridge. I understand that not everyone has this situation but try seek the positive in a reinforced rule.

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