Let us ease your weekly/monthly payroll process by :

  • Generating detailed payroll reports.
  • Payment of salaries to employees.
  • Generating and e-mailing weekly/monthly pay slips.
  • Generating monthly PAYE/ Social insurance liability report.
  • Submiting annual government statistics survey.

WE Generate taxation reports

Tax code variations.

Year end returns.

Return of expences, perquisites & benefits recived by employees.

Annual certificates to employees.

Details of employee leaving work.

Termination/CO8 for leavers.

Details of pension scheme contributions.

Spanish tax letters.

Completion reports.


Losing track of your employees absence?

This is what we can do for you :

  • Monitoring and recording of absence per employee.
  • Holiday calculation, request and recording.
  • Pay holiday and sick entitlements through payroll.
  • Absence management to ensure company legal obligations are fulfilled.
  •  Communication of absence policy.
  • Disciplinary recording and communications


  • Inexpensive – Thus allowing company capital to be placed to better use.
  • Efficient – Our services are provided on time and without delay.
  • Economical – Reduces in-house payroll costs.
  • Advantageous – Improved tax savings.
  • Accurate – Eliminate payroll processing errors.
  • Safe – Enhanced security data.