A flexible outsourced payroll solution for all your payroll needs. We take care of your entire payroll cycle and ensure your employees are always paid correctly and on time.


Let us ease your payroll process 

  • Generating detailed payroll reports.
  • Payment of salaries to employees.
  • Generating and e-mailing pay slips.
  • Generating monthly PAYE/ Social insurance liability report.
  • Submitting annual government statistics survey.

WE Generate your tax reports

Tax code variations.

Year end returns.

Return of expences, perquisites & benefits recived by employees.

Annual certificates to employees.

Details of employee leaving work.

Termination/CO8 for leavers.

Details of pension scheme contributions.

Spanish tax letters.

Completion reports.

absence management

Losing track of your employees absence? 

  • Monitoring and recording of absence per employee.
  • Holiday calculation, request and recording.
  • Pay holiday and sick entitlements through payroll.
  • Absence management to ensure company legal obligations are fulfilled.
  • Communication of absence policy.
  • Disciplinary recording and communications

why choose our payroll solution?


Allowing company capital to be placed to better use.


Our services are provided on time and without delay.


Reduces in-house payroll costs.


Improved tax savings.


 Eliminate payroll processing errors.


Enhanced data security and compliance.