Retirement sounds so much better if you know you are likely to have some money behind you to help you visualise your work free days doing what ever you want, when you want. A sound financial plan, together with the determination and commitment to commence a flexible, long term savings  strategy can make this happen. 


You may benefit from this if you meet one of the following criteria :

  • You are resident in Gibraltar and pay income tax in Gibraltar, deriving from either non-pensionable employment or self-employment earnings.
  • You are resident in Spain and pay income tax in Gibraltar, deriving from either non-pensionable employment or self-employment earnings.
  • You are employed in Gibraltar and you are a member of your employer's scheme, and you wish to make further provision for retirement to supplement this.
  • You are employed by a Gibraltar based company and your employer wishes to contribute to this scheme on your behalf.
  • You are a Gibraltar tax resident and wish to transfer in an existing Gibraltar or eligible channel island registered pension scheme.
  • You are in Gibraltar or Spain and although not currently in employment of self-employment you have an alternative form of income or deferred pension.
  • You are aged 18 to 74.

prosperity personal
pension BENEFITS

  • Active management.
  • Investment manager and trustee are based in Gibraltar.
  • Therefore, accessible daily.

how does my pension work?

payment stage

Contributions will be paid into your pension over the course of your working life, typically at any point between ages 18 to 74. This may attract tax relief. 

growth stage

The contributions are invested into a wide range of investment options to build up your pension fund. The pension trustees, and the appointed independent financial adviser, have the responsibility of looking after this money on your behalf whilst the funds are held in your pension. 

benefits stage

From age 55 or above, retired or not, you can start to enjoy the benefits of your pension. it can be in the form of regular income payments, a lump sum, or a combination of both. These benefits are in addition to any pension income benefits you may be eligible to receive from the Government of Gibraltar.

death benefits

The value of your pension fund will be paid out as a lump sum to your nominated beneficiaries to the event of your death either before or after retirement.



  • lifestyle switching is changing your pension funds from your existing investment portfolio and making future contributions into a lower risk investment portfolio at a pre-determined time as you get closer to retirement.
  • Normally done five to ten years before retirement.
  • Lifestyle switch is available to help you plan your retirement income with the peace of mind that you will be less likely to see a substantial drop in your pension fund when you need the money.
  • using our model portfolios we can arrange for this to take place automatically so you don’t have to remember to instruct us further down the line.
  • you have the option to select a lifestyle switch at the additional charge for this service.


  • Contributions allowed from as little as £100 per month.
  • Ability to stop, restart or change payments with no additional charge.
  • Pay your regular contributions monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.
  • Ability to amend the payment frequency to suit your circumstances at no additional cost. 
  • Pay in single premiums as from £1,000 into your pension plan, stand-alone or in addition to your regular contributions.
  • The flexibility to change your investment options at any time.


  • we will send you an annual pension statement, so you many keep track of exactly how your pension is performing, and you can contact us should you wish to obtain any information on your pension in the interim.


  • You may also wish to keep things simple by transferring other Gibraltar or Channel Island pensions you may have into your Prosperity Personal Pension Plan to consolidate all your retirement investments into one “pension pot” where eligible to do so.


  • Pension contributions are eligible for tax relief as per the rules and regulations set out by Gibraltar Income Tax Office.
  • As from age 55, you may start taking your pension benefits in a tax efficient manner.
  • Full pension fund may be taken from age 55 as a tax free cash lump sum and pension income, tax free as from the age of 60.
  • your pension fund investments can benefit from growth in a tax free environment.


  • Selection on where your pension funds are invested.
  • A wide range of approved investment choices.
  • Help of a independent financial adviser.
  • model portfolios that we have designed with the aim of offering investment growth and diversification across a wide spectrum of asset classes and range of risk profiles.

the role of an independent financial adviser

An independent adviser can :

  • help you explore your retirement needs.
  • review your affordability of retirement solutions and prioritise your needs.
  • review any existing pensions or assets that may be available to enhance your retirement.
  • guide you on the level of income you may need in retirement.
  • help you to determine how much you need to save into a pension on a regular basis to generate your required income in retirement.
  • recommend the best product and provider to help you save for retirement. 
  • Help you identify your dependants’ requirement.
  • asses your attitude to investment solutions to meet your goals.
  • help you figure out your target retirement age and how realistic this is.



You can start saving from as little as £100 per month.


You can pay in lump sum as from £1,000.


Your employer can also pay in regular contributions or single premiums into your pension funds.


Transferring in from approved existing pension schemes.