Recruitment challenges for Gibraltar businesses

Posted by Angela Francis on February 4th, 2019 in Recruitment
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Recruitment in Gibraltar can be challenging for local businesses. To find the ideal candidate there is much competition amongst differing industries, a great amount of head hunting is seen as top employers seek to recruit the best of the best.

For many local companies though there is still a mentality of who you know not what you know, this can have a detrimental effect on the engagement and productivity of staff and of course on the bottom line.

Here are the top recruitment challenges for Gibraltar based companies:

  • Brexit, not surprisingly is top of the list of challenges and the uncertainty that leaving the EU will bring. There will be a skills shortage in certain sectors as a result.
  • Candidates in the driving seat – Previously, the candidate was the salesperson, but roles have reversed, and now you need to work harder to sell yourself to the candidate to entice them to take the role on offer.
  • Recruitment experience – Your whole process from start to finish opens up the possibility for good and bad candidate experience which will likely be shared on social media.
  • Social Recruitingthe use of social media continues to rise when recruiting candidates, but make sure to use it to your advantage.

So how can smaller companies on tighter budgets compete to employ talent?

  • Establishing credible employer brand is paramount in enticing job seekers. Improving the employer brand and becoming known as the place to work is key to recruiting the best people. It takes time, effort and investment to your business’ brand; however, done successfully, rewards will be reaped long-term.
  • Job posting – get the word out that you are recruiting, use all available resources to entice candidates, remembering to have a clear description of the role and any experience or qualifications required.
  • Benefits – top up your offer with extras like medical cover, extra holiday days, pension etc.
  • Training & Development – offer development to streamline skillset

There will always be challenges in the recruitment sector and the coming year will bring more than normal. Make sure that your business, is primed for the latest recruitment trends and that when a recruitment need arises, you are the choice that the candidate takes.  

Are you facing recruitment challenges?

Contact us now for a fresh look at your recruitment strategy.

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