temporary jobs in gibraltar

Temporary jobs are a great way of making money fast and getting relevant experience.  Experience is key in your CV, so join our temporary jobs scheme and start improving your skills and gaining that vital experience to land your ideal job! 

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Catering and Hospitality

Work as a waiter, mixologist, bar staff, kitchen staff, chef, events staff, housekeeper...

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Construction work

Work as a labourer, electrician, scaffolder, welder, forklift driver, site manager, handyman, carpenter...

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Corporate and office work

Work as a receptionist, office administrator, company manager, accountant, accounts assistant, facilities manager, messenger...

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Why do temporary work

  • Great flexibility: You can decide if you can work a shift or not, you are in control of your time
  • It can be seen as an extra income: Either when you have your “regular” job or while you are job hunting
  • It allows you “test drive” different jobs, industries or companies to see what you like to do best
  • Being a temp is a great way of learning new skills
  • All these new skills and experience go directly on your CV
  • If you have been unemployed for a while, a temporary job can help you get back to work
  • Working in different places will help you network and meet new people
  • If you are a graduate or if you just arrived to Gibraltar and are not very sure about what to do, temping is the best way of getting to know companies and meeting people
  • As a temporary worker, you have exactly the same rights and entitlements as permanent employees
  • You are expected to work to the best of your ability producing quality work as if you were a permanent employee
  • You represent Grasp, who will support you through all of your temp roles and any issues/queries you have

Start improving your skills
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