Top Industries To Work For In Gibraltar

Top Industries To Work For In Gibraltar

For anyone relocating to Gibraltar this year, you might be wondering what type of jobs are readily available for candidates here. Keep reading to discover the top industries to work for in Gibraltar, all of which we can help you to secure a job this year.

Hospitality in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a hotspot for tourists throughout the year, but particularly in the summer months, you’ll find an influx in hospitality jobs in Gibraltar. If you have experience in this industry, you’ll find there are many restaurants and hotels you could work in, all of which attract visitors from around the world.

Gaming in Gibraltar

One industry that’s become increasingly popular in Gibraltar in the past years is the gaming industry. There are at least fifteen large gaming companies in the country, many of which are listed on the London Stock Market. In fact, over 12% of the country’s workforce is employed in this area, so there are jobs to fit everyone’s experience levels. Find a job in the gaming industry in Gibraltar with our help here.

Tech Jobs in Gibraltar

Alongside the gaming industry, you’ll also find there’s been a huge influx in tech jobs in Gibraltar. These jobs are also incredibly varied and are ideal for recent graduates through to executives. Companies relocated to Gibraltar for tax benefits in the past, so you’ll find the quality of jobs here is just as high as you would find in London and other major cities.

Accountancy Jobs in Gibraltar

If you are a qualified accountant, you’ll have no trouble finding a new job in Gibraltar. Companies here are always on the lookout for new team members who are ready and willing to help their many clients in Gibraltar. With so many businesses operating in the country, they all need accountants to keep their books up to date and avoid potential tax issues.

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