What Healthcare are employees entitled to in Gibraltar?

What Healthcare are employees entitled to in Gibraltar?

Good health is vital! It promotes wellbeing and an increase in productivity at work. 

Private medical care is a benefit that can help reduce absence. One that supports recruiting and retaining talent and a tool to boost employee engagement. But not all businesses are able to offer such a benefit so what healthcare is available to your employees?

In Gibraltar, the healthcare scheme is based on a contributory system called the Group Practice Medical Scheme (“GPMS”). It entitles anyone working and paying social insurance stamps in Gibraltar to access free healthcare for themselves and their dependants.

Applications are made at the Registration Office, 2nd Floor, ICC Building, Gibraltar. Ensuring that all documents are submitted – full details can be found at https://www.gha.gi/patients-visitors/healthcare-entitlement/

Once registered, your employee will be able to book doctors’ appointments when required.

Raising awareness to your employees about healthcare in Gibraltar will give them improved access to medical treatment; it instils prevention rather than cure mind set by enabling routine check-ups and treatment, you encourage employees to take a preventative approach to their health.

A preventative approach helps maintain both physical and mental wellbeing, if a problem does arise, there is reassurance of having access to the care they need.

So how do you help disengaged employees due, in part, to mental and physical distractions?

By improving access to healthcare. Encouraging employees to seek the support they need, when they need it. 

Employees with a clear mind, free of health troubles (physical or mental), will be ready to perform to their ability. In short, your business will perform to its ability.

Here at Grasp we support the wellbeing of your people, we can help to raise awareness of available healthcare, how to access it and submit applications to enrol your employees on the GPMS.