What’s new at Grasp – July 2019

What’s new at Grasp – July 2019

What’s new at Grasp – July 2019

As summer arrives we are hot hot hot in the office, summer hours have kicked in and there is lots to be done!

Our focus for July is on learning and development within the workplace.  Trends indicate that on-going learning is more demanded and popular than ever. We are living in a continuous learning culture where the onus is on the employee to lead their own learning and self-development with the support and encouragement of their manager.  So, Grasp is jumping into action offering solutions throughout July to inspire continuous learning in tight time constraints.

As we move into some of the most travel-filled months of the year we’ll be giving you the lowdown on:

  • Mobile learning (aka on-demand)

Employees want access to content anytime, anywhere via a mobile device – one of the biggest challenges for learning and development. 

  • Microlearning

With the shrinking of attention spans in such a constantly connected world Grasp have created bite-sized chunks of learning that are easily digestible to the learner. It will be easier now to make time for learning.

  • The latest tech

To support a learning culture what tech is best? Grasp will identify current and promising tech solutions and give tips on how to carefully adopt a technology to support your learning culture.

In the office:

A few new recruits have joined us

Naomi Agyemang has joined us on a Training contract to help launch Grasp training initiatives and align the training we provide to what you need! Feel free to reach Naomi on training@grasp.gi.

Maria Chellaram is our newest Junior Creative Assistant. She supports the team to deliver creative, knowledgeable content for us to share.
Send us a question to info@grasp.gi for us to answer in our next edition of What’s New at Grasp.