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Disciplinary Procedure Course

Disciplinary Procedure Course

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Disciplinary and grievance procedures are frameworks which provide clear and transparent structures for dealing with difficulties which may arise as part of the working relationship from either the employer’s or employee’s perspective. 

They are necessary to ensure that everybody is treated in the same way in similar circumstances, to ensure issues are dealt with fairly and reasonably, and that employers are compliant with current legislation and follow a Code of Practice for handling disciplinary and grievance issues.

This course will ensure you have a structured procedure with supporting documentation. It's been created with Gibraltar Employment Law in mind.

On completion of the course you will receive checklists and letter templates to support your disciplinary procedure.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Overview of Disciplinary and Grievance and associated legislation
  • Module 2: Disciplinary Stages
  • Module 3: Disciplinary Procedure
  • Module 4: Disciplinary Investigation
  • Module 5: Disciplinary Hearing
  • Module 6: Disciplinary Decision
  • Module 7: Appeals to disciplinary outcome
  • Module 8: Getting it wrong and Employee Tribunal

Benefits For You

  1. Understand disciplinary procedure and associated legislation in Gibraltar.
  2. Be confident in communicating, administering, delivering and recording an investigation or disciplinary.
  3. Understand the importance of confidentiality and a fair procedure.

Benefits For Your Organisation

  1. Accurate processing and recording of investigation and disciplinary hearings.
  2. Improved administration and handling of information.
  3. Compliance with legislative requirements.

Prior Learning Requirements

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for administering, investigating or delivering disciplinarians in a workplace.

A prior knowledge of HR is beneficial but not necessary as the course covers all aspects of disciplinary procedure and it's requirements in Gibraltar.

The course is delivered in English and as such a fluent understanding of English oral and written is required.

Booking and Payment

The course costs £250 per person for a 1/2 day online session 09:30 - 12:30.

You can book online by selecting your preferred above and making payment.

For more information on the course or to book and receive invoice please email or call our team on +35020047277.

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